Project Kick-off meeting (19-20th February 2020)

In February 2020, the opening meeting of RECIPE project, focused on the effects of climate change on various natural hazards (wildfires, floods, storms, avalanches, landslides and rock-falls) took place in Barcelona. The new European project aims to strengthen civil protection and integrated risk management to climate change impacts.


European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid
Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia
Pau Costa Foundation
General Directorate of Civil Protection, Government of Catalonia
Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg
CIMA Research Foundation
Austrian Research Centre for Forest, Natural Hazards and Landscape
Institute of Cartography and Geology of Catalonia
Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Project Coordination Office

CTFC - Forest Policy and Risk Governance
Office: (+34) 973 481 752
Extension: 312