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RECIPE dissemination sessions to local administrations and technicians (23 and 25th November 2021)

The objective of this session is to disseminate what has been worked on within the project, but especially, to provide the main results that can contribute to improve the emergency management at all stages and to reduce risk, as well as present and future damage to such episodes. There will be two different sessions: November […]

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RECIPE final workshop (October 20-21th)

The objectives of the workshop are to share the main findings of the project regarding the challenges of the civil protection in order to face the increasing and more complex risk contexts due to climate changes. It is also planned to present the developed operational tools, open a discussion with external EU experts and managers […]

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2nd RECIPE technical workshop

RECIPE project offers an open webinar which seeks to report and review the findings of the first project period per each natural hazard about Factors and Components of Risk, Civil Protection Requirements, and Climate Change Impacts. The identified emergency management requirements to face unexpected or new risk situations posed by climate change will be linked […]

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1st workshop: a common understanding of risk

February 20th-21th, 2020 – Barcelona (Spain) In February 2020, technicians and researchers from the eight institutions that are partners of the project, together with several invited experts from Wageningen University & Research, Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, Fire Service of Catalonia, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Catalan Water Agency, French Civil Protection, among others, participated […]

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RECIPE Kick-off meeting

February 19th-20th, 2020 – Barcelona (Spain) In February 2020, the opening meeting of RECIPE project, focused on the effects of climate change on various natural hazards (wildfires, floods, storms, avalanches, landslides and rock-falls) took place in Barcelona. The new European project aims to strengthen civil protection and integrated risk management to climate change impacts. See […]

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