Under climate change scenarios, disaster risk management is getting more complex, as the potential impacts of natural hazards on citizens and infrastructures increase, meanwhile decision-making processes have to deal with higher levels of uncertainty. Consequently, risk management agencies have to deal with unknown or more severe events. The proper inclusion of emergency response requirements into risk assessment and planning contributes to reinforce Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies.

Based on the above, the project Reinforcing civil protection capabilities into multi-hazard risk assessment under climate change (RECIPE) seeks to develop operational recommendations and tools to reinforce civil protection in emergency management and risk planning for different natural hazards across Europe while simultaneously addressing climate change impacts through an integrated risk management approach and exchange of lessons learned and best practice sharing.

By means of putting together multi-hazard expertise from science and practice on wildfires, floods, storms, avalanches, rock-falls and landslides, the main impacts of climate change on risk management will be identified. The potential scenarios of unprecedented multi-hazard risk events will be considered. The interactions between prevention-preparedness-response actions in projected climate change scenarios will be analysed with an active participation of practitioners and other users. Accordingly, civil protection requirements to face this new risk management challenges caused by climate change impacts will also be identified.

RECIPE is a two years Prevention Project (January 2020 – November 2021) founded by the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Commission, with the participation of 8 institutions from 5 EU countries.

European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid
Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia
Pau Costa Foundation
General Directorate of Civil Protection, Government of Catalonia
Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg
CIMA Research Foundation
Austrian Research Centre for Forest, Natural Hazards and Landscape
Institute of Cartography and Geology of Catalonia
Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Project Coordination Office

CTFC - Forest Policy and Risk Governance
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