New activity: RECIPE open webinar

RECIPE project offers an open webinar which seeks to report and review the findings of the first project period per each natural hazard about Factors and Components of Risk, Civil Protection Requirements, and Climate Change Impacts. The identified emergency management requirements to face unexpected or new risk situations posed by climate change will be linked and discussed with the experience of external experts. The outcome of the workshop will serve for the subsequent project actions.
The webinar will focus on which are the new challenges posed by climate change in natural risks management and Civil Protection from an operational perspective.

How to participate?

The meeting will be hosted with the web conferencing platform Webex.
To join the meeting, visit and choose your language in the top right corner.
Then type in the conference identification number and password:
Conference identification number: 175 951 6174
Password: hnVjWegJ324

Please log-in in advance (before 9:00 am UTC+1) so we can check and solve any technical issues. Please ensure that you have a functioning headset (audio & microphone) and optionally a webcam.
If you want to complete a test run of your equipment, please visit in advance.
In case of any technical problems or other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Complete program

Here you can find the complete program.

European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid
Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia
Pau Costa Foundation
General Directorate of Civil Protection, Government of Catalonia
Forest Research Institute of Baden-Wuerttemberg
CIMA Research Foundation
Austrian Research Centre for Forest, Natural Hazards and Landscape
Institute of Cartography and Geology of Catalonia
Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Project Coordination Office

CTFC - Forest Policy and Risk Governance
Office: (+34) 973 481 752
Extension: 312