Decision support for sustainable multi-hazard risks management

Climate change is making the multifactorial issue of natural hazard management even more complex. All decision-making processes in connection with natural-spatial measures, but also all preventive strategies in the area of ​​civil protection, must therefore deal with great uncertainties.

As part of the RECIPE project, the BFW will investigate tasks related to rockfall and landslide processes. The involvement of those responsible stakeholders for civil protection measures as early as the risk assessment of these natural hazard processes should make a significant contribution to better preparation for the occurrence of damage events and thus better coping with their effects in the event of a disaster.

For this purpose, the BFW will develop operational recommendations, guidelines and tools for the integration of assessments derived from natural hazard risk management into decision support systems (DSS) in the field of civil protection facilities.

Starting points for this are the identification of the main effects of climate change on risk management of rockfall and landslides and the analysis of existing Decision Support Systems (DSS) and platforms that are used in the risk management of civil protection institutions. This will make it possible to derive and define the requirements of civil protection institutions for preventive civil protection.

The guidelines developed for the integration of climate scenarios in Decision Support Systems of civil protection institutions are published on the RECIPE website together with all technical reports and summarized in a manual with guidelines for the purposes of civil protection.


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